About Laura

Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist | Brush Fanatic.


Laura is an established Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist based at her studio in the centre of Market Harborough.

After a long obsession with the power of makeup to enhance natural beauty, Laura decided to channel this passion into supporting others. She retrained (after 14 years in HR), opened her own studio and hasn't looked back since.

Since then, Laura has worked on fashion shows, film and tv projects. But her true love is making her clients feel amazing about themselves by enhancing their natural beauty.

Since starting her makeup artist journey, Laura has developed her niche with a focus on enhancing natural beauty.

Concerned with the growing pressures from the industry and social media, she believes in enhancing our uniqueness without the need for fillers, filters or fakery! 

Soft natural looks being her expertise, Laura has experienced first-hand the confidence and elegance just a few simple adjustments to your beauty routine can provide -

"For me, makeup isn't about trying to look different or putting a mask on. It can simply help us to feel better about ourselves, which in turn can boost our confidence and self-esteem.

I've had clients cry (happy tears!) because they never thought they could 'Look like that' or 'Feel that way again'. To me, this is the very best part of the job.

We are all naturally beautiful. But, sometimes, it's ok to enhance your natural beauty and put on a little makeup to make us feel like we can conquer the world just that little bit more.

We've got this, girls."

From her makeup lessons and tutorials, she has built a dedicated community of clients. Laura would now love to help everyone further, by providing the right tools to make you look and feel amazing!





From her years of industry experience, and working with a broad range of beauty products during that time, Laura has developed an extensive knowledge of the available brands. 

Knowing when to splurge on the bigger brand beauty essentials, and when to mix in a little high street magic, Laura's expertise is trusted by clients, time after time.

When beginning her career, she discovered using the right tools for the job was paramount.

Increasingly frustrated by the limitations of available brushes, Laura's dream was to revolutionalise the way we apply makeup, in one simple & complete collection. 

Using cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brushes, she wanted to provide her clients with the required shapes, tools and kit to blend, define and illuminate their inner glow, effortlessly. 

So she is really proud to introduce the Laura Lane Makeup Brushes and Collections, delighted they've already had glowing references from Hannah Martin and Bryony Blake.