Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin

Inspirational MUA, Hannah Martin, using my brushes for a makeup tutorial?

Yes, please! That's a life goal made, right there!


The incredibly talented Hannah has featured my brushes on her Instagram Lives on a number of occasions now, and I get giddy every time!

The highlight for me, Hannah using my Tiny Angled Brush for her 'Bigger & Brighter Eyes Guide'. I loved the natural look which really made her eyes pop, just my kind of style!



As part of her 'Hailey Bieber Inspired Makeup' tutorial, Hannah also used brushes from my Face Collection to create the look, which I absolutely loved.



To have MUAs that inspire me use my brushes, is something I'll never get used to. It makes this small business owner very, very happy indeed.

Thank you so much, Hannah!

You can shop my Tiny Angled Brush and Face Collection brushes, as used by Hannah, here.

Love, Laura xx



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