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Complete Brush Collection

Complete Brush Collection

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Brushes are makeup artists’ tools for creating a masterpiece. Designed with you in mind, I want to provide you with all the tools you need to enhance your own natural beauty.

After years in the industry and working with many makeup brush brands, I decided to create my own brush range with some of my favourite shapes, styles and textures.

This set combines both my Face and Eye Brush Collections, empowering you with all the tools you need to create a flawless look.

Whether you want to define your eyes, create flawless skin, brush up your brows or perfect your pout. The Complete Laura Lane Brush Collection can master all the looks you'd like to achieve, beautifully.

Description -

  • 19 brushes
  • Durable blush pink wooden handles
  • Super-soft bristles 
  • Easy-clean
  • Synthetic nanofibres
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Laura Lane branded recycled cardboard tube packaging

My Complete Brush Collection includes -

  • SPOOLIE BRUSH - The perfect brush for your brows. Brush them up to lift your face, naturally.
  • BLENDING BRUSHES - Perfect for eyeshadow application and blending to soften.
  • TINY ANGLED BRUSH - This Tiny Angled Brush is a game-changer for your brows and winged eyeliner. It allows for the ultimate precision. Use with a brow pomade or shadow, to create delicate hair-like strokes.
  • PENCIL BRUSH - This Pencil Brush has multiple uses, it's perfect for more precision.
  • MINI TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH - The Mini Tapered Blending Brush is a great addition to your kit or makeup collection, and allows for precise blending. It's great for under the eye and for cut creases.
  • ANGLED BROW BRUSH - This is great for creating shape to your brows, and can also be used to create a winged liner.
  • FLAT BRUSH - The Flat Brush is amazing for giving the eye definition, particularly when used under the eye.
  • SMUDGER BRUSH - Perfect for smudging out those kohl pencils around the eye. I also love this brush for blending out concealer under the eye.
  • EYELINER BRUSH - Perfect to use with a gel liner to get that sharp, winged look, creating the ultimate fox eye.
  • FIRM SHADER BRUSH - Multi-functional, the Firm Shader is perfect for priming the eye before shadow, and for patting on shimmery shadows allowing more product payoff & vivid effect.
  • FOUNDATION BRUSH - This flat Foundation Brush allows for precise foundation application, minimising product wastage. (Great for you, your purse and the planet!)
  • SCULPTING BRUSH - The Sculpting Brush is amazing for contouring and enhancing those cheekbones.
  • ANGLED CHEEK BRUSH - The Angled Cheek Brush is amazing to use when applying blusher. The angled shape allows you to precisely define the area you wish to enhance.
  • BUFFING FOUNDATION BRUSH - This full, fluffy essential tool will effortlessly cover, blend and create a professional finish. It's also oh-so-soft on the skin.
  • CONCEALER BRUSH - This is the optimum size to draw concealer straight from the side of your nose to under the eye. It cleans up any blending flaws, giving the crisp, light under-eye everyone looks for. It's also amazing for carving out those brows!
  • POWDER BRUSH - This large, fluffy Powder Brush allows powder to be applied to all areas of the face. It is shaped to allow control in those tricky areas, such as under the eye and on the t-zone.
  • FAN HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH - This amazingly soft Fan Brush is all you need for applying highlighter to the tops of the cheeks.
  • LIP BRUSH - A small precise brush, allowing precision around the lips when applying lipstick or gloss for the perfect pout.


These are great pro brushes and perfect for everyday use, allowing you to create a professional finish whether you are a professional or not.

My Complete Brush Collection comes in beautiful Laura Lane branded tubes, making them a perfect gift idea for someone starting on their makeup journey, or wanting to invest in a set of beautiful brushes.

The tube is perfect for keeping your brushes stored dust-free, and easy to travel on the go.

Each brush is individually packaged to protect the shape in transit, so they arrive to you in tip-top condition.

Don't forget to check out my Brush Care guide to keep your brushes in perfect condition.

Love, Laura x


  • 7 x Lacquered hard-wearing painted handles
  • Ultra-soft nanofibre bristles

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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